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We offer pure, natural supplements without dangerous fillers and flow agents and our manufacturing process is second-to-none. The semi-manual technique we use allows for a more pure product, avoiding the need for magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and other unhealthy fillers.

Your product will be made with careful attention to detail by our experienced operators and monitored for accuracy by our quality control and quality assurance teams. Imagine being served by a manufacturer who not only produces a superior product, but takes the time to give you personalized service as well. Plus, you can count on your product being delivered on time, every time! Say goodbye to missed sales, costly backorders, and unhappy customers when you choose CapExpress.

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Pure, natural supplements are our specialty. We offer multiple capsule types and sizes and use only natural additives when necessary. We will make your capsules to exact specification with unrivaled precision and attention to detail. Read more

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With over 15 years of experience making herbal extracts, we are a leader in the liquid  manufacturing industry. Our proprietary extracting method produces high-quality and potent liquid extracts using minimal alcohol, delivering superior results and superior taste. Read more

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We offer professional milling and manufacturing of drink mixes, meal replacements, powder blends for hygienic use and more! Whether you have the exact formula ready, or need the help of one of our experts, we will handle the process from start to finish. Read more

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We use all-natural bases in our creams and slaves so that the beneficial properties of your product can be delivered without the toxic side-effects of  chemicals like petroleum and parabens.  Read more 

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Our company was founded on research, discovery and the desire to learn. If you have a manufacturing need that seems a little out of the ordinary, let us help. Nothing is off limits and all requests will be considered. Read more