Pamper Us Package Pamper Us Package

Pamper Us Package

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• 2 oz. Infant Tummy-Aid
• 2 oz. Stomach Aid
• 4 oz. Gentle Birth Formula
• 4 oz. Herbal Calcium

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Infant Tummy-Aid

Only the most benign herbs should be given to infants. Mothers have soothed and calmed their babies for centuries with gentle herbs such as chamomile and catnip. Fennel may help your little one to pass uncomfortable gas.

Stomach Aid

Fresh ginger, combined with dried ginger, fennel, and peppermint can support the entire digestive system. The calming effects help you to enjoy your breakfast and keep it down!

Herbal Calcium

When you choose Herbal Calcium, you are choosing a supplement your body can benefit from right away. Herbal Calcium is plant based, with extracts of herbs highest in calcium and its best friends magnesium and silicon.

Gentle Birth

The inspiration for Gentle Birth Formula came from the aged pages of an old but wise midwifery guide, where it was used as a tea to tone the uterine muscles and help prepare the mother to give birth. 

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